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Over the years we have featured some attractive arresting widebody S2000 roadsters. May they be glassy artery machines, squeaky-easy display-mobiles, turbocharged clue terrors, or some aggregate of the three, the widebody Honda automobile is an absorbing aftermarket abracadabra trick. So aback Mode Parfume arrive us to seem to Osaka and evaluation out their 2008 AP2, a automobile that we would alone obvious pix of from the Osaka Auto Messe show, I become brief to jump over to the acreage vicinity I met with our confident beat chief, Sam Du, and photographer, David Ishikawa, for what might end up widely wide-spread as the Super Artery southern Japan boutique bout blitz.

In the weeds // hiroki matsuo’s honda s2000


Mode Parfume and its ancestor organization, Blow Architectonics Co., Ltd, are housed within the shipyard commune of Izumiotsu, aciculate adverse to the frightened rural ambience we had start ourselves in ahead that day even as traveling Toyota Corolla expert Inazuma Worx. And admitting our aboriginal boutique appointment that day general to be ultra agent particular, Mode Parfume is far brought all-encompassing. From award-prevailing VIP sedans and Honda minivans, to bearing a alternation of recounted aftermarket fog lamps, this Osaka basic has suggested and crafted a advanced ambit of automotive aftermarket parts.

Founded and run by means of Masao Hirano and his wife, Nobuko, this bedmate and spouse aggregation created a appalling trifecta aback they accrued their talents with son-in-law, Hiroshige. With over 20 years of acquaintance on the Mode Parfume resume, there is no curtailment of builds that we may want to cowl, so accede ultra-modern responsible bulk a brain-teaser for what is to come back.

After spending an afternoon with Mode Parfume’s fantastically crafted, Phantom GA-MU widebody AP2, I turned into larboard both bugged and optimistic about what has but to come back. There’s lots to like approximately the Mode Parfume S2000, but it is additionally a touch at the bizarre side, and now not sincerely executed either.


So, afore we get too abysmal into the details, let’s accede the albatross inside the room: This AP2’s 2.2-liter inline-4 powerplant is attractive abuse abutting to truth cartilage banal (F22C1 is rated at 240hp from the manufacturing facility). Agent and chiral mods accommodate little brought than an HKS “Super Sound Master” exhaust, Tanabe beeline pipe, and a few Mode Parfume titanium bankrupt tips. There’s additionally a Rywire accomplishments cable package, Mode Parfume’s own carbon cilia cooling plate, and a few Downstar dress-up goods, however in the abiding phrases of Porky Pig, “That’s all oldsters.”


Level one japan // reitaro’s aggressive honda s2000

Masao Hirano informs me that the artlessly aspirated F22C charcoal approximately changeless because of numerous motives. He goes on to acquaint me that one of the capital causes is that he capital to aboriginal consciousness on perfecting the automobile’s aesthetics, afore affective directly to propulsion and whatnot. Back an absolute band of aboriginal Mode Parfume powertrain apparatus still take delivery of yet to go into improvement, I recognition at the portions of this AP2 that accept been changed, by myself to acquisition myself bent off bouncer already once more.


I be given obvious a whole lot of S2000 builds in my day, however in no way one that sat in this type of large, actually boxlike stance. All four corners of this automobile cycle on 18×10.5″ SSR Professor SPX wheels, all of which seem encased in analogous 265/35ZR18 Dunlop Direzza ZIII rubber. It’s now not like this is a flip-off, it is aloof exceptionally attenuate to acquisition an S2000 not agitation a staggered caster setup, and Hirano-san brand reality special. He additionally logo accepting as considerable anchor as on hand aback cornering, and the manner wherein these vehicle stuffed-in anniversary angled fender of his Phantom GA-MU widebody kit.


Building Honda roadsters is a chunk of a new bag for Mode Parfume. The shop’s alteration from VIP builds commenced some years returned, aback a cruise to the USA showed Hirano-san contiguous America’s adulation for tailored S2000 roadsters. After witnessing our abiding adherence to the chassis, and some diffuse appointment time with perfect acquaintance Yasu Shimomukai of Exceed Japan (who moreover photos for us every so often), Hirano-san took the dive, and started developing his very own widebody S2000 AP2 aero package.


But due to the fact Hirano-san insisted that his widebody package rate bolt to the AP2 seamlessly, ascent his aero to the automobile well-known to be a absolute project. While ethereal ascent credibility are genuinely ninja-grade, ambuscade all of that accouterments introduced plenty of delivered architectonics time. Determined to accessory the adorableness of the curve he had aloof created, and now not be given the attention absent through such things as rivets and whatnot, Hirano-san redesigned his ascent techniques. The cease aftereffect become a widebody kit with absolute lodging and cute traces, and accouterments that is in reality hidden from sight.

Hella flush stance nation honda s2000 with forgestar f14
Hella flush stance nation honda s2000 with forgestar f14

Being that this is a sports activities car and no longer a VIP sedan, Hirano-san become capable of cull a high quality bulk of afflatus from clue machines aback designing Mode Parfume’s Phantom GA-MU widebody. Dynamic yet subtle, there is lots to adore on this kit if you are keen on anatomic aerodynamics. While flat-bottomed barge boards and alike advanced aperture get admission to air and action drag, an aggressively breach and raked rear diffuser presents adherence through conspicuously aciculate lines. In comparison, all four fenders are of a angled design, with vents which might be cautioned to no longer by myself attending menacing, but moreover belch warm air from brakes and hamper raise as nicely.


While our columnist David did his aspect, I stood again, soaking-in the architectonics in superior of me. The acutely denticulate carbon cilia “Super Bonnet ” from Aboriginal Molding sits in abrupt unfavourable to the angled rear decklid addle-mind out back, a collaborative thought fabricated in association with Exceed Japan. And while you’ll expect that the large Voltex Swan Neck GT Wing aerial over it would summary the eye, the amplitude amid the 2 leaves abounding allowance for account of both enhancements. With a hard and fast of sleek Intec LED appendage lamps mounted, and layers of rich, Valencia Red Pearl acrylic cloaking all of it (same acrylic acclimated on the new NSX), Mode Parfume’s AP2 is aloof as affected as it’s miles aggressive.


But the absolute first-rate of the aero appearance truth is this automobile’s hardtop. It’s been a hot minute returned Honda discontinued its accumulation of adamant acme for the S2000 chassis, and Hirano-san saw this as a really perfect befalling to perform his personal model. With its recessed rear windscreen, miniature roof spoiler, multi-tier lower portions, and changed inlaid strains, the carbon cilia Mode Parfume Phantom automobile is its very own entity. Accessible in either FRP or carbon, anniversary of these hardtops comes with ABS window frames and absolute bottle for optimum visibility.


Hirano-san additionally fabricated abiding that his signature band of synthetic huge brakes WAS set up on his S2000 analysis difficulty, six-piston calipers and -piece rotors that were advised in affiliation with Endless. The Mode Parfume aggregation took this aforementioned collaborative get right of entry to to coilovers, which have been engineered and bogus in Japan with the advice of Tanabe. These 20-way adjustable abeyance enhancements affection their very own altered miniature pillow balls, and seem in an 18K front/16K rear leap quantity format.

Jsutai // miro sutai’s honda s2000 | stancenation


Interior improvements are aloof as aboveboard and practical. Bride VIOS III seats continues the disciplinarian and commuter strapped-in, Takata 4-point accouter holds them in place, and a Cusco rollcage adds stress. Meanwhile, Battlecraft’s approximately-face bulge encourages absolute throws, as a MOMO council caster folds out of the manner with the recommendation of a Works Bell RAPFIX GTC angry hub meeting.


Vehicle walkaround complete, I about-face to Masao Hirano, and ask what is abutting for Mode Parfume. Outside of engineering powertrain improvements for the S2000 chassis, Hirano-san tells me that the aggregation affairs on absorption closely aloft the improvement of anatomy kits for Honda cartage from the Nineties and aboriginal 2000s. So, all of you EG, EK, and DC5 admirers get equipped, due to the fact there is a able aroma of “Parfume” in the air, and it’s approximately to be “blowing” your manner. #dadjokes


S2killn // glen villanueva’s stunning s2000
S2killn // glen villanueva’s stunning s2000
S2killn // glen villanueva’s stunning s2000

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