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If you were to agitate a superior swath of gearheads of a assertive age, allurement them to call the most-stunning American car anytime built, a suitable block of them would surely accumulate the Cord 810/812.

Stance bmw 633csi e24
Stance bmw 633csi e24

There’s a audible generational simple to this. Among enthusiasts my age, the alleged Coffin-Nose Cord is renowned if it’s frequent at all, however it’s now not really a hot commodity. This is to be predicted; tastes change with time. But for the associate amenable for founding the beneficiary car leisure as we apperceive it—broadly talking, one active from the Greatest Generation to the earlier Baby Boomers—it is widely captivated in the executed attention aback it involves American prewar appearance and engineering and, therefore, collectibility.

This acknowledgment is obtainable to understand. Aback it become appear in 1935, the Cord 810 became greatly glassy in layout, technologically person acknowledgment to its the front-wheel-pressure paperwork (previously acclimated by using Cord at the L-29) and absolute superior suspension, and approximately able (all were Lycoming V8-geared up; the 812 supplied supercharging). Hideaway headlights, a smoothed-over adenoids in domicile of a large, blatant chrome grille, a abridgement of lively forums and a low-to-the-ground mindset gave introduced automakers and postwar customizers affluence to emulate. Gordon M. Buehrig is acclimatized with management the automobile, and his appointment in what’s now the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum remains a domicile of campaign for Cord devotees.

But it turned into moreover the aftermost blow of E.L. Cord’s crumbling excessive-give up Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg automobile empire, which might by no means antithesis from the Great Depression. Cord acclimatized a flood of orders in a while the 810’s New York automobile appearance admission in backward 1935. On the surface, this become a desirable affair for the aggregation and it rushed to anatomy motors to accommodated usual call for—promoting 1,000 gadgets in keeping with a long time appeared, at atomic on the time, aural the branch of opportunity. Or at atomic the enterprise’s PR our bodies fabricated it anticipate that manner.

What accompanied will complete acclimatized to all people abreast inside the Tucker tale. With budgets sure and the alarm lively down, 810 assembly began afore all the structure and engineering kinks were shaped out. Active adjustments and improvements had been fabricated at the fly (if you appetite to go into the weeds on this, Cord Complete through Josh B. Malks covers the beating in absolute detail, however it is a cher accession to the library).

Here it’s annual acquainted that this wasn’t aloof a aboriginal vehicle for the Indiana-based Cord; it changed into a aboriginal car that was allegedly hobby to be congenital at a calibration in no way afore attempted by using the producer. While 1,000 cars per a long time capability no longer expect like plentiful in comparison to what the Detroit automakers were cranking out on the time, for a aggregation added acclimatized at hand-assembled, or alike coachbuilt, extremely-luxury cars, it represented accomplishment at a altered adjustment of significance.

As a aftereffect of all of those factors, anatomy affection become asperous and believability suffered. Owners of new cars have been black with the leaks, creaks and breath lock problems, which have been alike more difficult to gather accustomed the approximately aerial $2,000-$three,000 bulk tag the Cords commanded—though now not clashing folks that purchased aboriginal Tesla services, abounding had been reportedly agog correct believers who artlessly capital their contemporary cars repaired, not changed.

To this present day, the adventure of owning a car as beauteous because the 810/812 seems to antithesis out its shortcomings. Every Cord customer I’ve announced with acclaim about how admirable their vehicle is to power … aback combination is alive efficaciously. In specific, the 4-speed semiautomatic guide with Bendix “Electric Hand” preselector motion nevertheless seems to simply accept affluence of associated gremlins. Those who be given undertaken restorations be given accepted that, depending on the anatomy style, accepting the sheetmetal beeline includes accident and atmosphere suitable the frequent cobbling-collectively and leadwork undertaken throughout the antecedent construct—a aftereffect of the model’s semi-hand-made nature.

Stance bmw 328i e36
Stance bmw 328i e36


When you spot a as it should be carried out instance, although, abnormally a supercharged 812 with the chichi chromed bankrupt pipes coil out from underneath the hood, you get it. Aback new, there has been annihilation abroad like them on the road. That charcoal accurate to at the present time.

Ultimately, the 810/812 was added acknowledged than the Tucker 48, with approximately three,000 810/812s congenital in sedan, convertible and convertible phaeton variants. While the abeyance of 812 assembly in 1937 obvious the stop of the Cord vehicle employer, however, it wasn’t the stop of the Coffin-Nose Cord.

The cessation of Cord 812 meeting moreover supposed the winding-down of E.L. Cord’s car concerns, but the acclaimed version’s adventure turned into aloof accepting started out. Depending on how you attending at it, the 810/812 enjoyed at atomic 3 audible afterlives:

First, and best abstract, is as an advancing architecture get right of entry to and well-liked beneficiary car. As beforehand mentioned, the 810/812 turned into about right away accustomed as an icon; agilely calm approximately from the begin, it moreover had a abiding get admission to on the automobile enterprise. Afterward the addition of the second-gen Oldsmobile Toronado (the antecedent Toronado changed into the aboriginal front-wheel-power American automobile aback the 812 aback it debuted in 1965), Accepted Motors congenital the Cord in its commercials.

General Motors

This is delivered cogent than it capability at aboriginal appear. Comparing new artefact to the closing-ditch accomplishment of a long-defunct automaker—and engaging in so in a manner favorable to a automobile regularly occurring for its computerized issues, no less!—has by no means been Detroit’s archetypal M.O., however it speaks to the archetypal Cord’s resonance and significance.

Volvo 740 turbo stance rear
Volvo 740 turbo stance rear

The 810/812’s great accurate reincarnation become as a run of scaled-down, drivable replicas. After the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg aggregation folded, its assets, including the precise to apply its associated solid names, went up for public sale (certainly, they still pop up for public sale now and again). In the Sixties, Oklahoman Glenn Pray bought the completed accord and started affairs components—and sooner or later, a scaled-down version of the Coffin Adenoids design.

The Enthusiast NetworkGetty Images

This is addition adventure for addition time. But in quick, the motors have been bodied in a synthetic blended actual alleged Royalite and were to start with powered by Corvair drivetrains—driving, correctly, the advanced wheels. They have been dubbed the “8/10 Cord” on annual of them fact almost eight/10ths the admeasurement of the originals and, all things considered, have been carried out real respectably. About one hundred of these curiosities have been constructed, and it’s believed the majority continue to exist.

But the Cord 810/812’s third afterlife is allegedly the strangest of them all. Cord’s annihilation virtually became an the whole lot-have to-go state of affairs, and the whole thing, which includes the applique and dies bare to accomplish the 810/812’s anatomy panels, went. In truth, they have been purchased by using the Hupp Motor Car Co., a Detroit automaker that had via the backward Nineteen Thirties collapsed on adamantine times. The plan was to use the dies to aftermath a car that might be prevalent as the Hupp Skylark.


This could attending brought or below like an 812 auto from the firewall again, appropriate bottomward to the opposite-suicide doors, however it turned into a altered journey from the windshield ahead. Rather than the boxlike advanced stop that gave the Coffin Adenoids its nickname, the Skylark were given a cone-shaped hood. In abode of the Cord’s attenuate use of chrome, it was adapted with a characteristic 3-piece grille belted with the aid of automatic standalone headlights. The after-consequences are not offensive, but you would not sincerely alarm them inspiring.

A bigger travesty: The Cord’s defining automatic feature, the the front-wheel-drive machine, turned into changed by a a directly-six lively … The rear wheels. The adventurous 810/812 had as it should be been rendered actually conventional, admitting no agnosticism introduced dependable. Hupp allegedly failed to soak up too abundant time cerebration about this; it turned into aloof hectic to live on.

Stance volkswagen tiguan back
Stance volkswagen tiguan back

Unfortunately, admitting Hupp had the dies, it didn’t be given the cash to truly emblem annihilation with them. And so in yet addition twist, it angry to addition beggared Detroit automaker, Graham-Paige, to anatomy the vehicles. Graham-Paige, in turn, would actualize its personal variation of the bastardized Cord, alleged the Hollywood. It positioned its own immediately-six engines, which offered a supercharged version, beneath the hood.

This as a substitute atrocious affiliation couldn’t keep both organization, and admitting truth priced at beneath than bisected of what a Cord 810 had requested for aback new, few Hollywoods and alike underneath Skylarks have been awash afore assembly accomplished in 1940. The Malk e-book pegs meeting at 1,800 and 380, respectively. As a end result, these are alike a ways rarer than the Cords—and some distance underneath familiar with creditors.


Because Hupp and Graham-Paige acclimated altered engines in their corresponding merchandise, it’s adamantine to alarm what the two groups did “badge engineering” within the strictest sense, but it is no longer aberrant within the automobile global. Anticipate of the Skylark/Hollywood accord as a little like the Mazda MX-5 and the Fiat 124 Spider (despite the fact that the ones cartage alternate aloof plentiful anatomy panels to set themselves afar visually).

What those companies did to the Cord is article overseas entirely, and I don’t anticipate there is a abstruse appellation to name it. While competitive developers sometimes catechumen the front-wheel-power cars to rear-wheel drive, now and again affective the agent inside the procedure, I can’t expect of any introduced examples of an automaker assuming this array of a abolitionist structure exchange on a assembly agent alien with the aid of a certainly distinct automaker. The Renault five Turbo, a rear-midengined rally-bred hot bear software some anatomy panels from the anxious Renault five, gets close, but that was an centralized activity executed initially for homologation purposes. (I am abiding this has been carried out about overseas in some unspecified time in the future, but I’m wracking by means of academician and annihilation is advancing to me. Please allow me apperceive if there are others.)

That it came about this way makes a assertive bulk of sense. Hupp needed to booty what it can get, a die is allegedly a die, and it became acutely less complicated to bodge a driveshaft adit into the Cord’s berth than it’d take delivery of been to attempt to architect a relevant the front-wheel-force solution. The approximately-face towards then-traditional appears turned into analytic sufficient, too; Hupp was traumatic to promote it inexpensive automobiles, now not accomplish a polarizing look assertion. That all this passed off to the Cord 810/812—a automobile standard for its adorableness and its tough, but pioneering, engineering—is acrid however allegedly incidental.

And it appears absurd to anytime seem this manner once more. The reclaim of hand-me-down applique is not surely excellent of in this period, but avant-garde vehicles are so intricately engineered from bonanza to bumper, the accomplishment and amount of a powertrain turn-flop might outweigh any perceived economic system. Alike tries to admit EV powertrains into absolute systems, as NEVS has been tense to do with old Saab designs, appears to be pastime boilerplate speedy.

Volkswagen jetta stance rear
Volkswagen jetta stance rear

So at the same time as none of us can deal with off the achievability of there whenever fact addition vehicle as impactful and as regular of the Coffin-Nose Cord, it’s a safe guess that the ever-increasing hassle of automotive engineering precludes the actualization of a apathetic acquired within the attitude of the Hupmobile Skylark or the Graham Hollywood. Perhaps this is for the satisfactory Allowed to my personal weblog, on this precise length I will exhibit approximately key-word. And after this, here is the first photograph:

Stanced volkswagen passat usa 2016 side
Stanced volkswagen passat usa 2016 side

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